The Practical Side of Business

CIMI Ventures is a team of attorneys who understand the practical side of business, and provide legal and business consulting services to entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors. We use our legal acumen to produce results-driven work designed to address your real business needs.

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What We Do

We work with you to build your company to accomplish your vision. Beginning as early as the idea generation stage, we utilize our legal and business expertise to help you form, grow and scale your company. We can also advise you in the eventual sale of your business. We regularly consult with companies in a variety of industries including tech, beauty, education, e-commerce, media/entertainment, product and software development, apparel, and non-profit, just to name a few.

Here for Collaborators, Innovators, Makers and Investors.
Our services include:

Formation + Incorporation

We can help you form your company and assist you with establishing "best practices" and related corporate governance actions.

Corporate Governance

We can help draft, revise, and maintain your corporate records, including operating agreements, bylaws, meeting minutes, written consents, and amendments to your formation documents

Contract Review and Drafting

We can draft a variety of agreements for your company and review contracts that you receive from third parties. Our most common requests include Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreements, Consultant Agreements, Service Agreements, and Asset and Stock Purchase Agreements, to name just a few.

Operational Strategy

Cost/benefit analysis, lean operations analysis and structuring, brand development, marketing and social media services, new market research and pursuit, and profit generation and maximization.

Any Size Company

Whether you’re running a startup or a mature company, there is a lot to consider from an operational and legal perspective. We help you develop a game plan for your company and execute on that plan.

Other Services

If you have a need that isn’t listed, please send us an email so that we can discuss the best way to help you!

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